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Melkhoutfontein Network

The Men’s Ministry of Stilbaai has a vision to have an impact in the rural community of Melkhoutfontein. They believe strongly that a community is not just reached by distributing food and other hand-outs, but by Teaching them to Fish.

This vision started with a desire to have a farm where the young adults could be trained in the skills required for farming and skills required in our local businesses. The limitation is that only a handful of people could be trained at a time and it would take years to impact the whole community.

As time went on they were lead to smaller projects like encouraging each household to start a vegetable garden to become self sufficient. At the same time Badisa asked the Lions to help with the preparation of  soup for Melkhoutfontein.

While all of this was taking place, Angus Buchan announced the Global Mighty Men Conference on YouTube and then it dawned on the Stilbaai Manne: How can Melkhoutfontein as a community take part in such an event and how much can be achieved by influencing the whole community at once? They need a Network! Then they can access life changing material so that the whole community will learn to think differently.

The problem with a conventional network is that you still need money for data before you can use it. Local businessman Dawie van der Merwe introduced them to CloudWiFi. This is a cost effective network with a dual function.

  • The 1st function is that of a normal network as we all know it.
  • The 2nd function is a massive store that is made available through a WiFi Cloud which is accessible to everyone in the community

It was decided to get the Stilbaai community behind this project to raise funds to give Melhoutfontein a network but under the control of Ouma Lena’s Huis as she is very influencial and instrumental at a number of levels at Melkhoutfontein.

So, on 23 May 2020, Melkhoutfontein  shared in the Global Experience as Angus Buchan called Men to action to be the Man that God can use to bring his family and then his neighbours and then his town to Jesus.

More about this very exciting project.

Q&A about the Melkhoutfontein Network.

Ambulance Project

Lions Club Stilbaai is currently raising funds for the Stilbaai Ambulance Project. This is a much needed service to make Stilbaai more perfect!

An initial amount of R100,000 is required to build a ‘Home and special Wash-Bay’ at Carewell for the already approved Ambulance.

This project is delayed due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus in March 2020.
Carewell Hospital and Zozo Ambulance Service are ready to go!

Read more here ⇒ Ambulance Project

Touch Rugby

Stilbaai Touchies is South Africa’s largest and most prestigious Touch Rugby event. The tournament dates back to 1978 when a group of holiday makers in the small coastal town got together to formalise all the social games that used to take place into a one off tournament.

Food and Wine Expo

The annual Food and Wine Project has a strong Fund Raising nature while hosting a very enjoyable and memorable expo on behalf of a couple of Wine Cellars, for the community. It is specifically hosted during the December holiday to reach as many people as possible in Stilbaai.

The Lions take orders on behalf of the Cellars and a percentage of the sale goes back to the Lions. This money in turn is used to sponsor Projects like Klein Begin Kleuterskool.

Klein Begin Kleuterskool

Analien (Boshoff) Nel, ‘n pragtige vrou met ‘n hart van goud, het Kleinbegin Kleuterskool vir plaaskinders op die been gebring en met Lions Stilbaai se hulp is dit vir haar moontlik om ‘n verskil in die kinders se lewens te maak. Sy het met 3 kleingoed begin en die getal het gegroei na 8. Sy het soveel liefde vir kleingoed, dat sy hierdie werk sonder vergoeding doen!

Marinda van As van Lions Klub Stilbaai het met die goedkeuring van Lions, ‘n R2500 rekening vir Analien geopen by Tabeel en OK, maar dit is gladnie genoeg om die skooltjie volhoubaar te maak nie. Analien doen aankope uit haar eie sak wanneer daar nie skenkings is nie.
In haar bedankingsbrief aan Lions sê Analien “die kinders is so gelukkig en tevrede, en dit is danksy julle dat ons elke dag kan voortgaan met opleiding aan hierdie kleuters. Julle maak regtig n groot verskil in ons daaglikse behoeftes. Die kleuters se magies is lekker vol pap en melk voordat ons met die dag se aktiwiteite begin. By Tabeel kry ons alle skryfbehoeftes soos fotostate, verf, klei, legkaarte, kryt ens waarsonder ons glad nie sou kon klaarkom nie.”

Daar is 4 senior kleuters wat volgende jaar groot skool toe gaan en 3 juniors. ‘n Groter seun wat ongelukkig uit die skoolsisteem geval het as gevolg van geen voorskoolse opleiding nie, kom elke dag skool toe en help met die juniors terwyl Analien met die seniors werk doen. Sy gee daagliks vir hom skoolwerk om te doen sodat dit vir hom die moeite werd is om skool toe te kom. Hy is baie kunstig en teken of verf ook prente wat by die weeklikse tema aanpas.

Analien sê ook: “Almal is baie welkom om ons op Wild Olive Farm te besoek, ons hou van kuiermense! Nogmaals BAIE dankie vir julle omgee.”

Die Lions klub Stilbaai wil graag die gemeenskap aanmoedig om ook skenkings te doen of om geld in die twee rekenings te plaas sodat Analien kan voortgaan om hierdie wonderlike diens aan kinders van Stilbaai te lewer. Baie dankie Analien Nel, jy maak ‘n baie groot verskil in klein kindertjies se lewens. Ons salueer jou!

Recent Projects

Diabetes Awareness Month (November 2019)

The focus in November is on Diabetes awareness. The Stilbaai Lions club joined forces with Fynbos Pharmacy to offer free glucose testing from 11th to 14th November.

World Sight Day 10 October 2019

In support of World Sight Day, the Lions Club in Stilbaai launched a photo competition to create awareness of vision impairment and to celebrate the blessing of sight.

Our competition, themed ‘Our Bay of Beauty’, inspired almost 100 entries of breath-taking photos that portray the natural beauty of Stilbaai. This competition has now drawn to a close and we thank all entrants for their contribution.

The community also handed more than 100 spectacles in to be distributed among those in need of improving their vision.

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